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Zip automatically splits your purchase amount into easy payments, overtime-empowering you to Buy Now, and Pay over time. Simple installments using a credit or debit card.

What information does Zip ask for?

Zip requires your name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and either a debit or credit card for sign-up.

Heads up - rather than having a traditional username and password, Zip requires a mobile phone number and text message verification to log-in.

Who can use zip?

In order to have an account, you must:

  • Live in the US
  • Be at leas18y earold
  • Have a valid and verifiablmobilnumber
  • Use a credit or debit card to makpurchase
  • Use the Zip app(for in-store purchases)

How much does Zip cost?

Lids Online Store adds a $1 per-installment fee ($4 total) to use Zip, regardless of the size of your order. As long as your installments are paid on-time, there are no other fees to shop with Zip.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up during the checkout process.

How can I check my Zip order or account information?

You can easily managyour account information througthe Zip app on your mobile device othe Zip Customer Portal. You can view your order history (past and current orders), active installment plans, and your spending power.

To manage your account from your Zip app, choose the account tab, and choose ·payment options' or log into Zip's Customer Portal from your desktop by entering your mobile number or email address.

When is my first payment due?

Your first installment of the purchase price is due at the time of checkout. The remaining installments will be billed automatically overtime. You can confirm your payment schedule prior to finalization of your purchase.

Will I be notified before I am charged for an installment?

Yes! Zip notifies customers with payment reminders via SMS and email one day before each payment is due. Access our Customer Portal at anytime to check your installment due dates or update your payment method.

Can I pay off my installments early?

Of course. Simply login to the Zip app or the Customer Portal and choose the installment you wish to pay early.

Can I have multiple installments/orders at once with Zip?

Yes! Each customer has an available spending power. Customers are allowed to make multiple purchases anywhere that Zip is accepted. Each transaction is separately reviewed for approval.

What if I have trouble paying?

It's important to confirm that your saved payment method is most current.  Not doing so may result in a late fee on your installment.

Payments are automatic, however, Zip charges late fees in certain instances, such as an invalid payment method being on file. For more information on late fees, please check out Zip's Help Center.

If your payment is denied in error, or if you would like to request a payment date change, you can always contact Zip Support for assistance.

How do I update my payment method (including existing orders)?

Zip associates your default payment method with your order when you first complete the checkout process and pay your first installment.

However, if you need to change which payment method is used fofuture installments for an orderfollow these steps to associate a different card with a given order via the Zip app.

Tmake the same payment method adjustment via the Customer Portal, follow these steps.

How do returns, refunds, and partial refunds work?

As soon as Zip is notified of the return, our customers are refunded the amount they've paid to date and Zip cancels all future installments. In the event of a partial refund, scheduled installments are reduced/canceled first, and then paid installments are refunded to your original payment method.

What if I returned my order in-store?

To return a Zip order or order item in-store, open the Zip app and tap orders at the bottom of your screen.

Next, open the order you are returningchoose "details" on thtop right and open your Zip virtuacardThis will display the information needed by the store associate to issue the refund back to the card used for the order (your virtual card on the Zip app).

Please note that Zip cannot process a refund if the merchant issues the refund to your personal payment card directly. Zip can only process refunds issued to the Zip virtual card used for the order. If a merchant issues a refund directly to your personal card, you are not due an additional refund and will still be responsible for paying off your installment plan. For more information about refunds ,check out Zip's Help Center.